Can you hit my Amazon ACoS target?
Written by Pat Lum on June 29, 2018
You signed up with asteroidx, completed the questionnaire, and set ACOS limits. BUT CAN WE HIT IT?
We’ll try.

Do you remember when you filled out the questionnaire? At that time, you gave us an ACoS ceiling (“don’t exceed this!”) and an ideal ACoS (“if my ads work here, I’d be super profitable”).
We’ll never exceed this ceiling, because we know you’re not profitable past this point. 
And, we’ll try to bring down your ACoS towards your target.

Problem is:

If your target ACoS is set low (lower than other similar products), then it will limit your sales.
For example:

A 10% ACoS target is very difficult/near impossible to achieve with a healthcare product. We will certainly aim for the 10% target; however, with a target this low, your ad won’t be shown very often because it will only be shown at times where a 10% ACoS is in reach.

The higher you allow your ACoS to go, the more exposure (and potentially sales) you can get.
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