How can I increase my Amazon sales using PPC?
Written by Pat Lum on July 2, 2018
You can increase Amazon store sales through PPC ads in 2 ways: Directly & Indirectly.
(1) DIRECTLY = buy placement on page 1 to get sales. 

At the time of writing (June 2018), you can run 2 types of Amazon advertising: Sponsored Products ads & Headline Search Ads.
Sponsored Product Ads put you on page 1, 2, 4, etc. for keywords, like this. For example, these 4 sellers are buying spots on page 1 for the keyword “marble laptop case”.
Headline Search Ads put you above ALL page 1 results and can feature 1-3 different ASINs. This seller is seen 1st by buying a Headline Search Ad for the keyword “gummy bear”.
Amazon gets millions of searches every second.

So, buying high-visibility real-estate in search results can pay off big. If you want to skip the learning curve and make more money now, my company AsteroidX can run your ads for you.

But that’s not all…

(2) ORGANICALLY = sales from ads increase ranking, which increases organic sales.
Amazon ranks you based on how many sales you get more keywords (mainly).

So, if you buy ads and get sales for a keyword like “gummy bear” you will appear higher in ORGANIC search results for that term too.

So, ad-driven sales increase organic sales, too.

Get out there and run ads! Cost per click is still low, competition is weak, and many niches remain under-served. Check out AsteroidX if you want to delegate this!
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