My Amazon PPC ads have clicks and impressions but no sales. How can I fix it?
Written by Pat Lum on July 1, 2018
IF Your amazon ads are getting clicks and impressions but no sales, there are 2 main fixes:

Running ads to an unoptimized listing = WASTE OF MONEY! Before running more ads, make sure your listing:

1. Uses all 7 photo slots
2. Has at least 1 (positive) review
3. Is fairly priced compared to similar offers
4. Isn’t an an Add-on Item ($9.99 or less)
5. Contains at least 25 researched keywords that relate to your product

If you’re missing any of these 5, pause all ads, fix it, then… 



Seller Central > Advertising > Sponsored Products > Create Campaign

Consider this ad spend as “buying data”. Amazon will show your product where IT thinks will produce sales.

1 of 2 things will happen:

Good Outcome: the Auto campaign reveals keywords that make sales at a low ACoS. Problem solved. 

Add these newly-discovered “winning” keywords to a Manual campaign where you can control bids. Add these same winning keywords as Negative Exact Match keywords to your existing Automatic campaign.


Bad Outcome: the Auto campaign didn’t find any keywords that work. Clicks and impressions, but no sales… ouch!


Re-optimization. Check the keywords that the Auto campaign used. Are they relevant to your product? If yes, continue to tweak elements of your listing (lower price, better photos, more persuasive copy, etc.) and keep Auto running until it produces winners.

Different keyword set. If the keywords that the Auto campaign used AREN’T relevant to your product, research different keywords that apply to your product, add those, then run Auto again for another 14 days.

Change category. If the problem persists, check that you are categorized correctly.
Still stuck?

Contact my company, AsteroidX. We routinely make Amazon sellers more money while reducing their ACoS. Just look at this sweet 30-day transformation: an extra $6000 per month ;)

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