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Written by Pat Lum on June 29, 2018
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Thank you for considering AsteroidX to help generate more sales and make your dreams come true.

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Thank you for trusting us with your Amazon ad spend.

You know that we take this responsibility extremely seriously. And...
You know that we won’t sleep until every dollar is where it’s supposed to be.

Which brings me to the big question:

Where do you want your dollars to go?
Every product is different (well, most products), but every seller belongs to 1 of 2 sides.
Which are you? 
On this side, AGGRESSIVO (Italian for “aggressive”, “on the offence”):
- Sales and ranking are the most important thing

- the Aggressivo seller is on page 2, 4, or 10… and dreams of ranking higher and enjoying the riches of page 1. That is the singular goal.

- Reducing ACoS (“Advertising Cost of Sale”, the amount you earn for every dollar spent on ads), is secondary. Aggressivo is willing to make sales at break-even (or sometimes, at a loss) if it means getting sales history, sales velocity and ranking higher in months to come.

- Great for new product launches, or a product that previously had “glory days” that it needs to return to

- Aggressivo is playing the long-game and understands that not all keywords will work, and is OK investing in PPC ads to get data in the initial months
On the other hand, PRUDENTE (Italian for “prudent”, “conservative”):
- Reducing ACoS is the most important thing

- Prudente is happy with their current ranking, whether on page 1 or elsewhere. Instead, cutting wasteful ad spend while experiencing stable, more modest sales is the goal. Prudente wants each sale to be profitable from relatively early on.

- Sales and ranking is secondary.

- Great for very small sellers with low marketing budgets. Or, sellers that are currently running Amazon PPC ads but have an ACoS that’s through the roof. Or maybe you tried ads, the ACoS was 100%+, and you were forced to shut them off because you were bleeding too much money. AsteroidX has seen this 100s of times and can help with that.

Which are you?

Both approaches are correct. It’s just about how much money you want to make and your appetite for risk.

But you know what?

Competition on Amazon will only get worse. 

The companies that make it to Page 1 are the ones that relentlessly pursue that goal. So, now is the time to run ads while clicks are cheap, and competition is weaker. Smart people leave for work at 7:00am to avoid the inevitable traffic of 8:45am.
No matter which side you’re on, I’m going to tell you exactly how we’re going to get there. Each has a different gameplan.
But before details, know this:
If someone comes up to you and says “I guarantee you 6-pack abs in 1 day”, do you believe them - yes or no?
It’s tempting. Many people fall for stuff like this... but not you!

You know that to get abs and keep them (without a Sharpie), it’s not a “hack”. Not a short-cut.
The brutal truth that most people don’t face (and why most people don’t have 6-pack abs) is disciplined daily diet and exercise.

Abs, ads. Same thing.

Yes– AsteroidX successfully cuts ACoS while increasing sales by $1000s every month.

Yes– AsteroidX analyzes every technical factor to craft campaigns that print mint.

Yes– AsteroidX monitors 24/7 and makes daily bid adjustments to better deploy your capital.

But..., like abs, take time. Don’t expect results overnight.
"If you don’t get what you want, it’s a sign either that you did not seriously want it, or that you tried to bargain over the price.” - Rudyard Kipling

You might be wondering: what’s the “price” of Amazon ads that print money?

#1 - TIME

Running ads for at least 90 days to get enough data to find out which keywords work for your product and which don’t.

#2 - TRUST

Trusting AsteroidX to do its work. We’ve run 1000s of campaigns over many, many years. You wouldn’t interrupt your surgery and suggest that the doctor cut a different ligament than usual. Same applies here. It doesn’t mean you’re not smart or bad at business; it just means we’ve done this 1000s of times and are able to see and act on patterns.

Sure, we manage all of your ads to free your time and headspace, but it’s really the data-driven insight of 1000 campaigns that you’re paying for. You’re putting money in capable hands to spend $1 and get $3 back. That’s good business.

But too many sellers quit before they get there, and say: “Amazon ads don’t work!”

Truth is: Sponsored Product ads put you on page 1 in the biggest store in the world run by the world’s richest man; a revolutionary ad platform set to rival Google and Facebook in coming years.
Promise yourself that you’ll hang in there. Give yourself that gift.

With our team of professionals and cutting-edge techniques at the helm every day, the odds are forever in your favor.

And unlike abs, you don’t even need to do this work yourself! We do everything for you. All you need to get the reward is (1) time and (2) trust in the process.

What process? Let’s talk about it.

Printing money is our Vegas-style magic show. Step behind the curtain with us and see how it’s done.
First, to work on your ads we need access to them.

Every seller grants us limited permissions to their Amazon account.

“Limited” = we only access parts of your Seller Central that run ads and ad analytics. Other areas (like listings, customer messages, payments, account details, etc.) remain invisible to us. For a full walkthrough on granting permissions for ads, check this out.
Great, we’re in.

First thing we do is run ads, right?


That’s what most softwares and services would do, but not AsteroidX.
Your situation is unique.

You’ve got your own story, hopes, dreams, problems.

So, we run a painstaking 3-day diagnostic to truly understand you, the customer a.k.a the most important person in the world. You trust us with your spend, so we allocate it wisely.

This quiet, unseen due diligence separates AsteroidX’s scientific, surgical Amazon ads from the reckless “spray and pray” approach of 96% of sellers, softwares, and so-called “solutions”.
Our diagnostic has 3 parts:

 1. Account
 2. Products
 3. Numbers
Most services and softwares ignore ads you’ve got running, pause them, then start from scratch.
This can cripple your revenue, lose your ranking, and ruin your business.

It’s easy to “nuke” everything and start fresh (because it’s easier than understanding the current state of affairs), but this isn’t what AsteroidX does. We tread lightly and are VERY careful before turning anything off.

You’re smart. Chances are that some things have been done correctly. We keep what’s good. No need to reinvent the wheel. We respect what’s already in your garden and grow from there; no chainsaws, no bulldozers.

We develop a sophisticated, crystal-clear snapshot of where you stand. We need to know where you’ve been before we can take you where you’re going.

We analyze the following:

 > In the account, how many campaigns are there?
 > In those campaigns, what ASINs are promoted? All, or just some?
 > In those ASINs, which keywords are you bidding on?
 > In those keywords, what match types are used? What have the results been?
 > And finally: what are sales and ACoS on a meaningful timescale?

“Meaningful timescale”?

Amazon data lags. Don’t trust data from what it says is “last week” or even “month to date”. You may have more sales that are not yet attributed to ads. So, we examine data on a longer timescale whenever possible.
Your products. Your contribution to the world. Your main attraction.

We analyze factors in order of appearance in the Amazon customer journey.

 > Do your photos command the initial click, tip the scales, and convince people to buy?
 > Does your title say “click me”?
 > Is your price fair, compelling, and capable of long-term profitability? $20+ is best.
 > Do the reviews (quantity and quality) help or hurt clicks and conversions?
 > Are the title, bullets, and description thick with high-traffic, high-relevance keywords?
 > Does your listing make use of modern conversion options like EBC?
 > What’s your product’s unique selling proposition and target demographic?
 > Do the keywords in your listing match the keywords that your ads show for?
 > Has Amazon categorized you correctly? Does the algorithm understand what you sell?
 > Does the listing have infractions that disqualify it from ad auctions?

At the end of level 2, we know and like your products well enough to really sell them. Because that’s what we’re doing.

If we find an Achilles heel, we’ll reach out and let you know. No use in buying traffic if the listing is bad.
Here’s where the 2 roads diverge in a yellow wood; where AGGRESSIVO evolves differently from PRUDENTE. Both powerful, but in different ways.

When you sign up with AsteroidX, we specifically request 2 ACoS numbers:

Your highest allowable ACoS.

 > If you’re super AGGRESSIVO, this ACoS is 75%-100%. You want to sell a unit at break-even or at a loss if it means you win the sale, increase ranking, and get a chance at a new review.

 > If you’re mid AGGRESSIVO, this ACoS is 50-75%. You don’t mind breaking even if it means you’ll make the sale and your competitor will not.

 > If you’re mid PRUDENTE, this ACoS is 25-50%. You want the sale to be at least slightly profitable. You’ll pass on break-even sales.

 > If you’re super PRUDENTE, this ACoS is 10-30%. You want each sale to be very profitable, sacrificing total volume of sales for high profitability per individual transaction.
Whatever your ACoS goal, we make sure that no campaigns exceed this ACoS. If it’s low, this restricts the total number of sales you can make, but the sales you do make will be at higher margins. The higher your allowable ACoS, the more sales you can get. Don’t set it impossibly low or else you won’t make any sales.

AsteroidX takes this ACoS ceiling and makes it official law in your account. We monitor 24/7 to make sure no campaigns exceed it.

The 2nd ACoS number we ask you? Your ideal future ACoS for campaigns.

This number tells us:

“OK, AsteroidX, after a few months this is where I’d like the ACoS for this ASIN to be. I’d be happy running at this ACoS for this ASIN until the cows come home and the universe experiences heat death.”

This ACoS is lower than your maximum allowable ceiling, and reflects where you’d be permanently profitable and happy. Again: be realistic, though. Everyone loves a 1% ACoS, but can’t expect it because products will always compete for clicks, and no one has an 100% conversion rate.

Except, maybe, the World’s Largest Gummy Worm.
And lastly, we cap your account-wide budget so you’ll never spend more on ads per day than intended.

Seatbelts on. Diagnostic complete.

Now (and only now)– with an understanding of your account, products, and numbers deeper than the Marianas trench– does AsteroidX deploy ads.
Month 1 is about data.

With your numbers in hand, we calibrate all campaigns to go under your ceiling and towards your ACoS goals.


We scale back campaigns and keywords that don’t work.
We organize, restructure, and scale what does.
New campaigns bear the “AsteroidX” naming convention for clarity.
We run both Automatic and Manual campaigns concurrently. Here’s why.


We call them “Discovery Campaigns”. These are Amazon ads where you don’t explicitly choose what keywords you want to show up for. Instead, we’re saying to Amazon:
“Hey Alexa, show my product wherever you feel is best (we verified that Amazon’s algo understands our product in Diagnostic Level 2). Run a bunch of ads, then show me what’s working.”

It takes a few weeks to get enough data to be meaningful. We’re “buying data” on keywords that are winners. So, if follows that...

Some keywords will be losers. But some will deliver new, profitable keywords that we can take and scale in the long-tail for months and years. You’re trading a few short term “oops” keywords for hundreds of winners.

We run Manual campaigns concurrently with “Discovery” ones.

Our manual campaigns are impeccable, and where we spend the majority of our time.
For each product individually, we perform keyword research using a diverse portfolio of software (MerchantWords, WordTree, Sonar, Helium10, Google Keywords, and competitor analysis). If there’s a good keyword that shoppers are using to buy products like yours, we know about it.
Because of diagnostic Level 2, AsteroidX understands subtle differences between your products, as well.

For example:

You sell gummy vitamins. 1 product is for kids and 1 for adults. You’ll see AsteroidX running ads that reflect the difference in demographics, with high-traffic keywords like “gummy vitamins for kids” being targeted for your kids gummies, but not for the adult ones. Other services will make this mistake because they dump a generic keyword list into your campaigns. This runs fat, congested, waste-of-space ads and squanders your money. You didn’t cut corners creating this product; we don’t cut corners selling it, either. AsteroidX.

Triplicate Match Types

We add new search terms as all 3 match types: Broad, Phrase, Exact.

We set bids aggressively in Month 1 to get more data quickly (especially if you’re playing AGGRESSIVO). Using all 3 match types gives us an edge over other sellers because most of them focus on doing 1 at a time.

What do many sellers not realize? You can get cheaper clicks for the same search terms within multiple match types.

We figure out which keywords produce the most sales, which don’t, and where our top competitors place bids. We start toning down the most expensive keywords after 2-3 weeks, especially terms that receive over 10 clicks and 0 sales.

If AGGRESSIVO: increase bids on good existing search terms, create new campaigns, create new auto campaign if needed. All leaning into your highest acceptable ACoS.

If PRUDENTE: decrease bids on poor performing keywords, add long-tail keywords based on proven winners, and remove or bid less for broad keywords. Lean into cutting ACoS to a profitable point even if it means sacrificing sales volume.
Month 2 is about efficiency. Refining the groundwork of Month 1.

When we discover winners in Automatic, we graduate them to Manual campaigns where we can directly control their bids and match types. They’re then added as negative exact match keywords to the Automatic campaigns. Full control.

If this were American Idol, the Automatic campaigns would be the initial auditions, and then only the best keywords get that golden ticket to Vegas. You can’t find good things without auditions. Same thing here.

AsteroidX actions in Month 2 are:

- Eliminate search terms that are costing a lot of money and receiving no sales.
- Begin turning down high-ACoS search terms (unless they are producing a lot of sales and you’re playing AGGRESSIVO).
- Begin turning down bids on Automatic campaigns in favor of more controllable Manual ones
- Adding negative match keywords to campaigns

If AGGRESSIVO: if a keyword starts to go into high ACoS (but still below the ceiling), we let it run.
If PRUDENTE: if a keyword starts to get expensive, we cut it down or pause it. We’re adding more negative keywords to get a tighter grip on spend.
Month 3 is about scaling ads to achieve (and exceed) your sales goals (which, in turn, determine whether you achieve your life goals of putting kids through school, financial freedom, and more). So, this is pivotal.

AsteroidX actions in month 3 are:

- We start to have enough data to make decisions based on your ACoS ideals, not just ceiling.
- We adjust bids and optimize campaigns to work towards said goals.
- We can now make reliable sales projections, as well as what it might cost to scale your revenues even further by going deep into long-tail keyword variations and more broadly-related terms.

If AGGRESSIVO: scale campaigns based on proven winners, but also keywords that are related but not directly.
If PRUDENTE: scale sales based on keyword families that are proven, market-verified winners.
But, that’s not all.

So many people think ads are “set it and forget it”.

And they are!

...if you make a $10k donation to Mr. Bezos and get trampled by your competition.
No… we’re in your account every week, every day, responding to changing customer demand and cost-per-click by adjusting your bids so that you show up in results while hitting your ACoS targets. Let’s double click on this...


- Research new keywords for further testing and to expand sales
- Make bid adjustments to meet target ACoS
- Add negative exacts to Automatic and Manuals
- Keep graduating top performing keywords from Automatic to Manual


- Check campaigns daily to ensure everything’s running smoothly, addressing account-specific issues as they arise. Which they will
- Additionally, we set up any new campaigns that need to be created to truly scale
This is how we avoid ads from “rotting”. Ads die of old-age unless you take care of them. Your income and ranking could fall and you won’t know why. But not with AsteroidX on constant watch.
And that’s the plan.

What’s the biggest risk in the long run? NOT running PPC ads and letting competitors steal your sales, rank higher than you, and dominate what could have been your niche. In 2 years, they’ll have close-to-permanent page 1 status and 2000+ reviews, making millions, and you’ll wonder what happened.

Or maybe that’s you at the top of the mountain.

You’re in the right place. Let’s get you those results. If you’ve teamed up with AsteroidX already, welcome aboard. 

If you haven’t teamed up with AsteroidX and have watched this far, book a call on our website now:

We don’t work with everyone. We always have a chat and ask a few quick questions about your business so that we don’t waste your time, or ours. We only take cases where we can add extreme value. See you there.
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